Designs now available in the demoulding slope

Brunner has introduced an exciting new innovation: contrast satinising.
With this system, we are not only offering our customers new possibilities in terms of visual presentation but are also opening up some completely new design options, in particular for chocolate bars, pralines and hollow figurines.

It used to be impossible in technical terms to create an individual design for the outside of an article, as this would lead to problems when removing it from the mould. Thanks to a new process developed by Brunner, this has now changed fundamentally.
Through the use of very fine engraving, pralines can be given a more elegant design, chocolate bars can be personalised to a greater extent and figurines can be made more attractive overall.

Contrast satinising allows us to realise textural effects and designs across the entire surface of the chocolate. Our customers can now decorate their products with unique and attractive details that could not previously have been created. The options for individual designs are now much more varied.

Thanks to this patented solution, Brunner can now offer its customers more flexibility and more options for individualisation.
We would like to invite you to explore the fascinating ideas that are possible with the use of Brunner's contrast satinising and to give free rein to your creativity!

If you would like to find out more, we would be happy to offer you a one-to-one consultation.
Feel free to get in touch with us and write an e-mail at or have a look in our online-shop

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