275x175mm frame for holding multiple individual prototypes

Anyone who develops their own chocolate products knows the problem:
You often receive one or more individual prototypes for moulding tests, in order to test the design.
But if you want to produce multiple chocolate castings, or even a small test series, it becomes a real test of patience. They are also often difficult to handle.
We currently offer the BLUEFLEX® CARRIER in the size 380mm x 295mm, in order to house multiple individual prototypes in one frame and so cast them at the same time.

But as well as the BLUEFLEX® CARRIER, we now offer a new frame, in the standard mould size of 275mm x 175mm. This new frame too also makes it possible to simultaneously produce multiple individual prototypes. 

To achieve this, suitable recesses are milled into the neutral frame design, into which the individual prototypes are then welded. This mould is virtually as stable as a complete chocolate mould, and its size enables the usual manual or machine handling.

This system is ideal for smaller test series in the development stage or development lab, but also for very small series, in particular for products such as filled chocolates or chocolate bars. 

The frame is also suitable for other applications:
With its smooth, neutral top surface, the frame can be used for open metering of chocolate, such as for example using the one-shot procedure. You can also use the frame as a container for collecting chocolate remnants from dosing systems. To do so, when emptying the dosing system, simply lay the container on its smooth side and position it beneath the dosing nozzles.

The UR-0116 universal frame is therefore flexible to use, and perfect for many applications for which there has until now not been an economical solution.


1. Neutral universal frame UR-0116


2. Milled universal frame with individual prototype


3. Finished mould made of universal frame and 5 individual prototypes


4. Similar mould used for machine production



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