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In the Chinese astrology, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. It is a symbol of strength, self-confident appearance and efficient use of resources. To develop new articles, we are also pooling our resources by cooperating closely with our subsidiary in Brazil. The example of a tiger lollipop shows the successful cooperation of the Brazilian designers with the designers and technicians in the main production facility in Germany. Digitally produced designs will be quickly discussed and adjusted in video conferences. In this way, Brunner is combining its longstanding experience and market knowledge with modern and creative influences for chocolate moulds of unbeatable quality.


1. Sketch

2. 3D design

3. Check for decorability

4. Decorated result



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This year there is a significant change in the ownership structure of the Brunner company. The previous managing director and owner Rudi Schwaiger is leaving the management and

FIPAN is one of the largest bakery and confectionery fairs in Latin America, with its notable feature being operators in the Food Service sector in Brazil and attracting more than ...

BRUNNER offers new packaging for standard chocolate moulds, ideal for retailers with a salesroom.

BRUNNER has always been committed to sustainability. Therefore we have decided to make our shipping processes even more environmentally friendly.

The "Hands-free" decoration station provides a practical solution for the manual production of decorated chocolate items as it leaves both hands free.

Belgian chocolatier Meynendonckx is synonymous with attractive, original, unique designs paired with the best-quality chocolate. BRUNNER was able to interview Ruben Meynendonckx, ...

Many companies making filled balls use semi-finished precursors, integrating pre-made balls into their production process.
To facilitate this process, BRUNNER offers several ...

Brunner's range of solutions is not limited to chocolate moulds.

Eggolution – tradition reinterpreted, creativity set free. Bring a new dimension to your Easter fun with exclusive chocolate moulds by BRUNNER!

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