When it comes to sustainability, we here at Brunner have been taking a holistic approach for many years now. In other words, we simultaneously consider many different areas in which can make continuous improvements. So, for example, for more than 20 years, we have been sourcing our entire energy supply solely from hydropower and solar power. Ten years ago, we began producing our own electricity using photovoltaic systems. To date, these have generated more than 2,000,000 kWh of electricity, which we use to supply our injection moulding machines. We also use it to charge our personnel’s electric vehicles. This prevents line losses, as the electricity we generate is used directly on site. As well as providing electric vehicles, which meanwhile comprise more than half of our vehicle fleet, we also make bicycles and e-bikes available to our employees.

In addition, to make a contribution to minimising CO2 emissions, Brunner collects waste heat from the production of our chocolate moulds and feeds it into a district heating network. Apart from waste heat, the district heating network runs solely on renewable raw materials, sustainably heating more than 200 residential buildings.

We also actively support our customers when it comes to recycling their moulds. We pledge to accept all returned chocolate moulds and reuse them appropriately. A research project is currently underway in our company, looking into how recycled plastic can be reused. In addition to this project, which is extremely important to us, in future we will also be replacing cars with combustion engines with electric vehicles, plus planting at least 30 trees on our site within the next year.

This all goes to ensure that, as well as helping produce the perfect piece of chocolate, your Brunner moulds are also sustainable, doing their bit for the environment.



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January of this year sees BRUNNER start a long-term research project with external partners. The aim of this project is to establish a recycling procedure that receives EU certification, so that moulds certified for use for contact with foodstuffs can be produced from used chocolate moulds.

The topic of sustainability has been extremely important for us here at BRUNNER for many years now. Here you can read about what we have already successfully implemented in recent years, and also what we plan for the future.

Our sustainability mindset has been very important to Brunner for many years. For this reason the residual materials left over from production have for many decades been separated on site and sent for recycling as part of the materials cycle. Thanks to their long service life, our high quality moulds also play a part in conserving resources. We've also provided a solution for the recycling of our used moulds for many years.


Reducing our CO2 output has been important to us for a long time. Even 10 years ago we invested in heat recovery and comprehensive building insulation. Other milestones followed, such as switching from oil heating to woodchip district heating in 2009, and the use of green electricity since 2012. This allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 80%.

Die Verringerung unseres CO2 Ausstoßes liegt uns schon lange am Herzen. Bereits vor über 10 Jahre haben wir in Wärmerückgewinnung und umfangreiche Gebäudeisolierung investiert. Meilensteine waren danach die Umstellung der Ölheizung auf „Hackschnitzel“- Fernwärme in 2009 und der Bezug von Ökostrom seit 2012. Dadurch konnten die von uns verursachten C02 Emissionen um über 80% reduziert werden.

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