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We offer our customers a unique all-round service, consisting of competent advice during product development in coordination with equipment manufacturers, our in-house production at the highest technical level and creative, precisely implemented moulds. Brunner is one of the world's leading manufacturers of chocolate moulds.

In order to supply highest quality moulds at fair prices, we are constantly investing in the latest technologies available and continuously improving existing processes. Brunner's core business is the production of unique, individual moulds. For its mould production, Brunner uses both injection molding and thermoforming processes. Both methods have advantages in different areas and can therefore be used to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Mould types

Frame Moulds

Our singel moulds with a circumferential, non-tilting frame are made of stable and durable polycarbonate and are produced by injection moulding or thermoforming. With this type of mould, you can produce articles manually or mechanically. The number of cavities depends on the size of the mould, making the best possible use of the available space.

Injection Moulding-Thermopress Combination

For special requirements, we manufacture chocolate moulds whose components are combined from injection moulding and thermoforming processes. Both methods have advantages in different areas and can therefore be used in specific ways for the customer.

Spinning Moulds

Brunner spinning moulds are used on spinning machines all over the world. The moulds consist of two halves held together with magnets and a holding device for stable positioning on the respective hollow figurine spinning machine. The rotation and the effective properties of our spinning mould create a uniform, thin-walled hollow figurine.

One-Shot Single Moulds

Our One-shot moulds are used on lines with the filling process of the same name. The equipment manufacturers use different mould sizes, centering methods, nozzle distances and much more. The matching moulds are produced in cooperation with the respective equipment manufacturer.

One-Shot Double Moulds

One-shot moulds enable the production of filled chocolate products with a single "shot". Specially made nozzles allow simultaneous dosing of the filling and the outer shell. In order to meet all criteria for a smooth production process, we manufacture One-shot moulds in cooperation with the respective equipment manufacturer.


Hydo-moulds are widely used for the industrial production of hollow figurines (liquid filled or hollow). The mould consists of two mould parts (for filling holes there is also a precisely fitting burling plate), which are held together with welded magnets. We also offer a plastic carrier frame, which replaces the Collmann metal frame.

System solutions

Special circumstances demand special methods. Our system solutions are unique and are developed specifically for our customers’ work processes. Special handling, unusual sizes, shrink-wrapped extra parts and much more. Contact us – we will be pleased to work together to develop a customized solution for you.

Insert Moulds

We perfectly adapt our insert moulds to the appropriate frame – whether flexible or fibre reinforced material, with or without magnets. With the appropriate frame, the insert moulds can be used for the widest range of production systems, for storage, cooling and transport. Being able to exchange the insert moulds leads to great flexibility at low cost.

Book Moulds

With our book moulds, hollow figurines and filled chocolates can be produced manually and also by machine. There are different variants for different methods of matching the two halves of the mould: book moulds with retractable or fixed pins, with or without magnets, or with an integrated hinge.

Grid Moulds

Our grid moulds are suitable for the mass production of filled or unfilled hollow chocolate figurines on high-performance systems. The recesses between the individual cavities ensure easier cleaning and shorter cooling times.

Hinged Moulds

Thanks to the integrated hinge, precise closing of the double moulds is always guaranteed. The different opening wedge designs help to ensure a smooth workflow.

Demoulding plates

We offer customized demoulding plates for the intermediate storage, cooling and transport of finished chocolate products. Customer-specific features, such as a circumferential frame or contours for centring the items, are also possible.


The use of the DECOPORT decoration and transport frames ensures stable, tip-proof positioning of moulds in automatic decoration systems due to keeping narrow tolerances. The decoration moulds are transported safely through cooling systems, mainly through cooling coils. Due to openings at the bottom of the frame, the mould can be cooled at an even temperature.

Polycarbonate single cavities

During development of your new product, we supply you with an individual sample, so you can carry out production and setup tests with your own chocolate mixture. We produce this sample mould (with one cavity) in the same high quality as the later, finished mould (with multiple cavities).

Special solutions

We offer special solutions such as cold stamping plates, production, transport and storage of macarons, magazines for feeding wafers and biscuits, wafer insert moulds, assembly, as well as packaging materials for chocolate. Please contact us! We are more than happy to advise you on your individual solution.

Hans Brunner GmbH

We are market leader in the field of industrial moulds for chocolate. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop individual and high-precision chocolate moulds of the highest quality.

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